Born in 1955 in Hainin ( Belgium).

After plastic's arts studies at the " Ecole Normale " in Mons , she left  to Brussels to integrate a small  interior design agency.

In 1989, she opened her own interior design shop in Ath.

Her interests are diversified. At the end of 2010, as a supplement to her decoration shop, she set up an IT office and make creation and management of Web sites.

Being an amateur of journeys since a lot of years (Thailand, Uzbekistan, Jordany ...), she is photographing to illustrate her trips.

At present attracted by other themes, she realizes many pictures in macrophotography.
Photos "moved closer" to highlight the graphics and the details of objects, flowers, ... which are not used to being looked of also near !

She puts forward the graphic elements which become almost abstracted because of the closeness of the shooting there.

She looks for an original and moved approach which holds the look.

Expansion et Cancer

sélectionnées pour

le 113ème Salon d'Art

"Le Bon Vouloir"

à Mons



Photo published in the magazine

n° 380 (in January-February, 2016)

Section :
The readers in the honor on the theme

" Watch out, fragile! "


"Ghost woman"

Here is the poem inspired by this photo

Née de la cendre chaude et vive
Couchée le dos arqué, lascive
Une jeune fille du fantôme,  
Prend la forme la robe et l'arôme
Copiant les courbes de l'arum
Pour attiser le regard des hommes.
Ainsi toute vêtue de voiles.
Pure et fraîche toute virginale
En ronds de fumée elle dévoile
Les lignes de la femme idéale.

Auteur - ThDG (Thierry De Greef)
(tous droits réservés sauf en association avec «Femme fantôme»

      Other realizations on

Photos high definition on Flickr

  "Je t'aime ... moi non plus"


By one of these works, contact Mr Amedeo Arena : 0475/72 12 72

Photos are numbered (maximum 5 editions).

- Post on forex -
Diverse possible size :
30 x 45 cms - 50 x 75 cms for example.

With the Poster on Forex, more need for frame, more problem of paper which crinkles, your photo is directly flattened on a plate in 4 mm PVC.

You do not have more than to hang on him and to notice that the time has no influence on him !


Sigart Marie-Hélène