Dirk Liviau, born in 1962 and living in Kluisbergen Belgium, started with photography in 1991  at DIART Sint Eloois Vijve.
s a self-made artist in photography I participated in the photographic salons of the WVFD (covenant photographs circles in West Flanders). In 1996 I was recruited by Kordial Kortrijk (one of the leading photo clubs in Belgium during that period).
On January 1, 2003,
I received the title "Master for Life" (honoris P. P.) for my many competition performances in Belgium and all over the world.
One year later
I joined the  Executive Board (Centre for Visual Expression  / CVB  Centrum voor Beeldexpressie) .
This organization aims to defend the interests and opportunities of the non-professional photographers.


- "White Bear" (1998)

- Overall winner of the International Photo a "The Golden Spurs" (1999)

- Winner Benelux Imago Hamme color photo (2000)

- Overall winner of the competition "The Flemish Landscape" (2004)

- Price Festicolor Preparation Cultural Council Mortsel (2007)- Golden meda Photographic Society of America (2007)

- Trophy City Harelbeke (best sports photo)- Gold Medal Kultura Kortrijk (2008)- Best of show and best author national salon Lede (2009)

- Silver Medal of Flanders Price (child theme 2009)- Best of show Western Digital Photo West (2010)

- Gold Medal Prize of Flanders (child theme 2010)- OVU silver at the national picture salon Hamme (2010)

- Gold medal and artwork “den Emiel" (national photo salon Kortrijk 2010)

- Laureate 2nd national picture salon Iris Lede (2011)- Gold Medal national picture salon Kortrijk (2012)

- Vice-world champion in 2011 and 2012 (FIAP Biennale)In 2013 I became world champion (with Belgian photographers delegation) in digital photography.

- 2016 winner Photo Awards (Grand Prix Flanders )


I was a member of the competition committee of the first digital photo contest in France.

I participated in expositions as Prem Photo in Romania, at the Ashurst Gallery in South Africa , "le club taurin Basque" at Bayonne ( France) ,


I present my latest creations under the name Dreamscapes. In the literature we have magic realism, in painting one speaks of surrealism , in photography some use the term "dreamscape". It is a fusion of images, emotions and atmospheres into an artistic whole. I became acquainted with  this digital art process , thanks to Kamil Vojnar, a Czech artist I met in Arles and Saint Rémi de Provence ( France).

He showed me the art of putting together multiple images into a new surrealistic whole. The result is a dream, a dreamy atmosphere ..... a dreamscape.

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