Natascia was born in 1980 in Asolo (Veneto), Italy where she still lives today.
Since she was young she used to live and breathe the world of art, spending her days sitting next to her artist mother, watching her painting and staring at those raw canvases that magically got full of colours and life. Her interest in art kept growing during her life widening until fashion so she started a fashion school, which later led her to her job.
Brush and clothes always had something in common; that is where the passion for representing faces and feminine shapes comes from. The core of her work is to be able to materialize emotions through the combination of innovative materials and unusual representative techniques, choosing them following her deepest instinct, without any rule and just setting free what she has inside.

Since 2015, she studied in depth the concept of "dematerialization", using it as her painting technique and as choosing method for the materials: colour and matter never remain stable and defined, but they break down as they are moved and drawn by an external energy.

Natascia says, "Starting from nothing and to be able to create something that you can look at, touch and even get excited about, this will always be the real magic!
Art is sensitivity, something able to give feelings to objects, making a thought real, a desire, something that brings us closer to what we may want to be."
Each work of her has a story, its own life told by the title and by the words chosen to describe it and this is what makes it unique. The paint catches the attention of the viewer, causing the interest to know it deeper, finding out new paths and leading the mind into a journey with which you will think about alternative concepts, creating an opening on the daily routine about a different moment of meditation, analysis, discovery and growth.

Awards :
In September 2015 First nomination in the competition “Color and Material” at the Click Art center Expo 2015 in Milan –
In October 2015 was selected to partecipate in the “From Picasso to the contemporary Artists” at the Oud Sint Jan in Brugge.


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