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From Realism to Surrealism : in December 2009 and January 2010

Amedeo Arena passes on to us a visual impression of the subject represented as well as the emotion which accompanies him, and so he passes of the representation in the metamorphosis.
He tries to get into the soul of what it paints by translating with strong and proud colors all the meaning potential of the treated subject.
A complex style which mixs its Sicilian origins in the study of the classic great masters.

Promotional exhibitions of the artists of AmArtgallerybrussel : November 2009

With : Edebau Werner - Arena amedeo - Lenoir Jil - Russo Angelo - Arena C. - Marzia - Buntinx - Di Forti Guiseppe - Telesca Valérie

With the cooperation of CDA - Palerme


Collective exhibition - Price René Magritte : October 2009

Price-giving on October 24th 2009 in the presence of:

Amedeo Arena (current coordinator of AmArtgallerybrussel)
Giampaolo Amato (president "ACS")
Mr Patrick Debouverie (alderman "Saint-Gilles" Bruxelles)
Mme Mady Novalet (alderman "Saint-Gilles" Bruxelles)
Prof.ssa Anna Francesca Biondolillo (responsible for the gallery "Il Tempio" in Palerme)
Sandro Serradifalco (publisher of Centro Diffusione Arte in Palerme)

The Métiers d'Arts de Bruxelles expose in September 2009


Members Artists from : August 2009

With Elio Gervasi - Werner Edebau - Amedeo Arena - Johan Van Vlaenderen - Kamra - Laurent Buntinx -
Salvatore Notarrigo

Gervasi  Kamra  Van_Vlaenderen  Arena   Notarrigo Notarrigo


Colours of Europe : June 2009

With Kamra et Salerno



Artists' route : May 2009

The artists of Brussels open their doors with the cooperation of the Art professions of Brussels and Amartgallery



The Métiers d'Arts de Bruxelles expose in April 2009


Couleurs du printemps : March 2009

With the cooperation of the gallery Il Tempio
The participating artists : Gervasi - Kamra - Arena - Van Vlaenderen - Buntinx - Hauspie - Edebau



Exhibition Artists members : in January and February 2009

In association with the Centro Diffusione Arte