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10 in Brussels : Novembre and December 2006

Latvian Artists again AIDS

Gints Zilbalodis - Holgers Helers - Valters Kirsteins - Maris Gallis - Egils Medris - Sabine Liepina - Inguna Elere
Lauris Rutkis - Modris Svilans - Maris Skanis - Didzis Jurkovskis

Pêle-Mêle : October 2006

Elio Gervasi - Amedeo Arena - Jil Lenoir

Autour de Louise : September 2006

Organisation : Circle of History and Documentation of Saint-Gilles

Historic approach of more than 100 years of life of the District Louise.
Exhibition of iconographic documents, photos and plans on the history of the district.

Intermezzo : June 2006

Mark Anckaert - Valérie Berteau - Marie Biebuyck - Véronique Boissacq - Peter De Bruyne - Maria Dukers 
 Stéphanie Friedli - Mélanie Geray - Donatienne Gillon - Miguel-Angel Gonzalez Moran - Anne Jannick
Coryse Kiriluk - Michel Kotschoubey - Rafael Paez Perez - Mikkel Sauzet - Nele Tas
Laurence Van Nieuwenhoven - Evelien Van Steerteghem - Karin Van Zele - Caroline Voisin - Coralie Willems

Les tapisseries modernes : May 2006

Elio Gervasi

The term tapestry referred in past exclusively to the rich textiles which decorated castles and palace of the Middle Ages.
During the second half of the 15th century, the prestigious manufacture of Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels are difussées in all Europe. The textile art was revolutionized.

Nowadays, more and more museums in the world develop their collections of modern art of the textile allowing the artists to use this technique to express himself in their works.

Picasso was one of the 1ers artists to authorize the reproduction of its drawings on tapestries, Chagal, Calder, Léger and the others will follow its example.

AmArt Gallery of Brussels as well as the gallery Jane Kahan de New-Yrok is 2 of the rare galleries to the world to expose modern tapestries.

I colori del Mediterraneo : in April and May 2006


Kuren - Mario Salvo - Aurelio Valentini - Stephano5010

Meeting italien - letton : in March and April 2006

Antonio Melcarne (peinture) - Annick Resler - RA (peinture) - Anita Berzina (verre, graphique)
Sabina Grigorjeva - NINO (photographie) - Edgars Mikelsons (peinture) - Viesturs Meirans (bijoux)
Juris Bergins (porcelaine)

L'âme italienne : February 2006

Elio Gervasi and Nicola Scotti